Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to get different gorgeous types of curls and waves DIY!

Ever wondered how to create those different waves and curls yourself at home? From big and bouncy with loads of volume, to sleek and vintage, or tousled messy tumbling waves. All of these styles are flattering on everyone and can give a different edge to your look. 
Well here's how to!

Big bouncy curls.
This look is elegant sophisticated and also easy!

1) Wash hair then blowdry using a volumising spray or mousse then blowdry lifting the roots with a big round brush.
2) Spray dry hair with a heat protecting spray.
3) Section by section using a big barrelled curling tong take 2inch wide sections and curl in place.
4) Repeat all over and leave to cool. Put your fingers through and spray with holding hair spray! 

                                                        Long casual waves.
Natural and flowing, this works well on any length or thickness!
Repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
3) Taking a big barrelled tong take large sections and hold in place.
4) With the next section turn the tong in the opposite direction. This will help the curls look more natural and flowing.
5) Using a soft bristled brush gently brush through the waves to soften the look making it look very natural!

Just at the end waves!
This is a great look for naturally thick, long hair.
1) After blowdrying with volumising spray mist over dry hair with heat protector.
2) Taking large sections of hair, (about ten in total) using a large barrelled tong or wide plate GHD, turn the irons and roll half way up the hair keeping the top smooth.
3) Either leave them as they are of ruffle them out with your fingers.
4) Finish with spray and voila!

                                                       Wanded curls.
I love this look as it is tighter curls without being fluffy frizzy or "ringlety." These curls can last for a few days also!
1) Wash and blowdry using volumising spray and heat protector once dry.
2) Using a wand, (these come in various sizes) take each section and wrap hair up onto the wand and hold for a few seconds. The longer it is held the tighter the curl.
3) Once all hair is wanded either leave them separated from a texturised look and brush through for soft beachy waves and finish with either hairspray or texturising spray!

40's Vintage waves.
This look is most suitable for hair that is long and thick with long or no layers. Sophisticated and stylish this will glam up your evening look!

1) Using a GHD styler, take 2inch wide sections and turn the hair around the GHD at a VERTICAL angle. This is important that you don't change this angle the whole way around the head.
2) Once the curls have all been created they will look very set which is what you are looking for.
3) Now taking either a paddle brush or a large brush with soft bristles, slowly brush all the hair through a few times until all the curls are flowing together! Finish with hold or shine spray.

Try these out and let me know how you get on with them and which is your favourite!
Speak soon, Gemma. :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to keep your hair looking amazing in this summer heat PART 2.

How to keep your hair looking amazing in the summer heat....quick and easy up styles!

Messy bun - Spice up a boring bun by adding height to the crown or adding in a french or fishtail plait. Pin it up loosely to keep it simple and easy! To prevent it looking too done pull out some bits of hair from the sides of your face! 

Left loose beach waves - No styling tools required! Surfer hair looks perfectly imperfect. Go to sleep with your hair in braids then tease them out and mess it up in the morning. Alternatively wash your hair and spray in either a sea salt spray or a texturiser spray, scrunch and let air dry. 

Slick it back - A high, tight pony tail not only looks sophisticated, its great to have your hair away from your neck on a hot day! After washing your hair let it air dry or roughly blow dry it. Using a dollop of mousse to slick it back into a high pony with give it a nice sheen rather than using gel which will look glued to your head! Scrunch a bit of sea salt spray in the ends to rough it up a bit!

Ballerina bun - A high knot or chignon looks super-fresh and fashionable. Flip your head upside down and gather your hair, flip your hair back up and secure with a hair band and pins. It doesn't matter if it looks messy or a few bits hang out - this style looks better with fly-aways! 

On the side - Create a deep side parting and sweep your hair over to one side. The key is to keep it lose and not too tight or severe. Pull a few strands out around your face to soften this look. This is a great style to wear a few days after you wash your hair if you want to get an extra day out of your blowdry!

Feel free to comment or ask questions, I would love to hear your feedback!
Gemma :) x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How to keep your hair looking amazing in this summer heat! PART 1

Hi guys, the sun is here and I hope you're all enjoying it!!

Want beautiful summer hair?

Who doesn't?! Before you can have beautiful hair it has to be healthy! So here is some advice to keep your hair in tip top condition, looking shiny and healthy with some easy tricks to achieve beautiful summer up-styles and beach waves in part 2!

1) Use the heat of the summer to your hair’s advantage! While you’re at the beach or poolside, treat your hair to a deep-conditioning mask such as Aveda's Damage Remedy Restructuring Treatment. Then comb your hair into a bun and let the product go to work while you lounge. This trick can protect your hair from salt or chlorinated water and give you an extra boost of softness and shine.
Just as your body needs water to survive, your hair must replenish its moisture to stay healthy. "Conditioner for hair is like water for the body: You're always going to need it."

2) Use a sun protector or use a shampoo and conditioner that has sun screen in it! 
Effects of direct sun rays on hair can be harsh on your lovely hair! Exposing your hair for even 10 minutes can produce 70-80 degrees Celsius heat and this can crack your cuticle. It can do harm, suck out moisture and can even burn your scalp so remember this when your laying out or on holidays! Aveda sun veil is perfect.

3) Wash your locks with lukewarm water. However, some people put ice in the water to make it cold which is wrong. Water temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold; it should be balanced.

4) A well-balanced diet is the key to keeping your hair healthy and strong. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts, brown rice, beans and pulses to have those healthy and lustrous tresses. Also, drink plenty of water. 

5) Have regular trims! Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks will help keep the split ends at bay, prevent further breakage or damage and will keep your hair looking perfect from root to tip!

If you follow this advice you'll have the health in your hair to keep it looking gorgeous!
Keep enjoying the sun! Gemma x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What's HOT on trend for wedding hair?

So I've talked about all the tips and tricks of how to get the perfect hair leading up to your wedding day as well as on the day! But what is hot on trend right now??

Floral headpieces are big on trend at the minute and they come in all shapes and sizes, which can be tailored to suit your look and they can look stunning! They make the ultimate feminine look for your wedding.

The floral headpiece has seen a real come back in the past 12 months. Once confined to the heads of 1980's Bride in all her frilly and pouffy Princess Diana-esque glory, the flower crown, or flower wreath headband is now gracing the pages of many of the most stylish wedding blogs and glossy wedding magazines thanks more lately to resurgence of all things 70's and bohemian, but with credit too, to the DIY Bride movement as well as our love for all things a little 'rustic'.

I love this bohemian style look. There are many shapes and sizes you could opt for but make sure comfort comes first. Your wedding day will be filled with countless hugs and kisses, dancing and photos so you want to feel comfortable all day knowing your head piece is secure and won't fall out.

Regardless of your day-of tresses, these florals are completely customizable in all colours and designs. Work with your florist to create a piece unique to you to fit into your wedding day style.Whimsical, fresh and rustic, flower headpieces are simply stunning.