Thursday, 29 September 2016

The next big thing in hair colour.

This Autumn I am really excited about the transition of Balayage Hair Colour.
You may remember way back when Ombre was the in thing, then we gradually brought the highlights higher and melted the colours together for a softer look, creating a Balayage. Well now the whole look is even softer and even more beautiful..

Introducing 'The Shadow Root'

What is Shadow Root?
Simular to the Balayage technique, the root of the hair stays slightly darker than the rest.
This gives the hair a real natural, soft look, especially as it grows out.

Top Tip: Keep some lighter sections around your face for a sun kissed glow.

Shadow root does not mean you have to go from dark to light blonde. If you're a little funky, here are some of my faves for the braver clients. Remember your hair is a reflection of you..

For inspiration on what to wear this Autumn, check out one of my favourite fashion bloggers. Elyse is an assistant buyer for Miss Selfridge and an old friend of mine - between us both you'll be ahead of the game for Autumn 2016.

Becky xo