Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas wedding hair 2014

Winter Weddings

Rich colours, roaring log fires and hopefully a sprinkling of snow. Winter weddings are magical and romantic!

What hair styles work really well at this time of year for brides?
How do you make the most of the time you have before your wedding to make your hair look and feel it's very best?

Once you’ve decided which bridal hairstyle is The One, it’s important to take care of your hair. Winter can be harsh on hair so it’s vital you love your locks from the inside out. Follow these rules to ensure your hair is gorgeous and healthy for the big day…

Drink up!

It’s important to drink plenty of water (aim 6-8 glasses a day) to ensure your hair is strong and healthy. It’ll help your skin too – no-one wants a flaky scalp on their wedding day!

Eat well

Don’t forget to eat healthily. Many brides are conscious of looking fabulous on their wedding day and some try to eat less, but for a beautiful glow and glossy locks it’s important to eat well and not starve yourself. Choose lean meat and eat as much veg and nuts as you can.

A helping hand

If you have thin hair that is prone to breaking consider taking supplements before your wedding. Calcium, zinc and cod liver oil are all great and will help hair growth and increase shine.

Condition, condition, condition!

In the lead to your wedding it’s even more important to condition after washing and to apply a hair mask once a week to really give  your hair that added moisturising. 

Have regular trims

brides tend to want to keep their hair as long as possible for their wedding to enable them to have more hair to put up or curl. Because of this some people hold off getting their hair trimmed as regularly but it is just as important if not more to keep any split ends at bay and by having trims every 6-8 weeks this not only keeps your hair in its best condition it also encourages the hair to grow.  Don't refrain from having your hair cut thinking it is better not to! 

Winter Trends for Brides

So once you have your hair in optimum condition what way will you style it?
Here are a few styles that are popular this year.

Loose and flowing is still very much popular as the year goes on. Following on from Summer styles into winter we are still seeing alot of natural soft upstyles. 
This style is feminine and pretty, incorporating a large hair hairband plait with undone curls loosely pinned up, finished with individual flowers on pins.

Hair pieces like this one are lovely in winter as the clear crystals replicate ice or snow and give it a real pretty wintery feel. 
Volume at the crown with long waves placed up high and falling into a loose plait. 

As you can see, similar to last year, plaits are still very much big on trend for brides.
Here we have two french plaits from the parting on the side swept into a wavy chignon. This style is sophisticated and elegant. The fascinator works well with the wintery theme using sparkle and white feathers!

Something as simple as a twisted horizontal roll can be very effective. If your hair has different tones in it it looks really nice with this style as the colours filter through.
Having your hair all up is a good idea if you have a detailed back on your dress, you want to show this off!

If you have an open back dress its good to go for a style like this in which it has the feeling of being up from the front but the hair is tousled down the back. This would be a good idea for someone who doesn't like having all their hair up as it is still swept back from their face. Fascinators or clips with pieces are always a beautiful way to finish of bridal hair.

We at Westwood Hairdressing would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

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