Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to DIY BUN

How to DIY BUN

Buns are an easy, versatile way of putting your hair up whether its for during the day, dressing up, casual or sophisticated! Although there are simple ways of achieving this look alot of people don't know where to start. So here are some tips how to do them yourself at home!

Bun with braid

1. Starting with wide sections at the front loosely french plait the top of the hair, securing at the crown.

2. With the rest of the hair lift up into a high ponytail.

3. Backcombing the hair in the ponytail, not worrying too much about being neat pick it up and place it around the hairband to create a bun, securing it in place with pins.

4. When you've done this, slightly pull apart the hair in the bun to give it the undone finish. Spray with a light hairspray.

Volumised messy bun

1. Backcomb the entire crown area to creat volume and lift!

2. Using a wand or straighteners loosely curl the hair to create movement.

3. Pin the backcombed section back not worrying about being too neat.

4. With the remainder of the hair split into bout 3 sections depending on the thickness. With each section wrap up and pin in place to create a tousled messy low bun.

Dutch Braids in low bun

1. Taking very large sections to create the braid, do one down either side of the head, leaving out hair at the front for your parting.

2. At the bottom combine the two plaits together and tuck underneath and pin in place.

3. Gently pull the hair out to create softness.

4. Spray!

Doughnut bun

This one is really easy yet effective!

1. Bring all the hair back into a ponytail quite high on top of the head.

2. If your hair isn't overly thick you can use a bun ring to help fill it out.

3. Place the hair through the bun ring and back comb into sections. This will allow the hair to be easily placed over the ring covering all sections.

4. Again don't worry about it being too neat!

5. At the front you can let a few strands of hair fall down round the face to soften this look!

 Top knot

1. Simply pull back all your hair into a hairband quite high up.

2. Twist the hair around making a simple knot.

3. This can be as messy or tight as you like.

4. Grip into place and spray!

See you soon. :)


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