Thursday, 12 February 2015

What are todays upgrades of Ombre?

What will we be seeing on the Catwalks for Spring 2015?

Today’s ombre tends to appear more natural, being less drastic than it has been in previous seasons. Now the colour choice for the ends are normally 2 to 3 shades lighter, not as contrasting as before. Brunettes look especially flattering in so called sombré looks with less drastic change of color, such as medium brown and honey hues blended with dark brown roots. Blondes with cool skin undertones really suit natural beige fading into icy blonds up to almost silvery shades.

Ladies with cooler skin undertones, with medium brown hair colour, may decide on icy brown and cool chestnuts through the ends. Redheads with warm skin tones look great with peachy and golden ombre shades.
Still popular is the bold ombre of very dark colours flowing into very blonde ends. There will always be people who want more contrasting shades for their hair and this is the great thing about this look as no person will have the exact same as it is personalised to your taste.
Here are some examples.

Sometimes people feel like their medium brown hair can look boring but it can be easily livened up with auburn highlights melting into very light brown and pale blonde.

There are loads of girls with cool skin undertones and mousey-brown natural hair  who always wish for it to look brighter. This is an idea to consider as it keeps your natural colour on top but flows down into icy cool hues of blonde rather than anything too golden or warm.

Bright and warm hair colors always have an extra chic look. This dark brown into caramel ombre is not only very appealing to the eyes, it lightens up the face which works in harmony with its natural undertone.

Ombre that features lightening pieces of the hair for a "sunkissed" look blended your natural colour always looks very classy and in style. Keeping a few of these tones higher up and close to the parting at the front helps to frame and flatter the face. This is where the sun would naturally touch the hair and create sunkissed tones.

This is the famous look of Rihanna from the 2014 Grammy Awards.
Soft hues of melted chocolate blending nicely into honeys and peachy caramels works wonders for this skintone. Adding just a few shades lighter through the ends creates a subtle and low maintenance style that can be flattering for all hair types.

Subtle hints of light smudged through the front creates a delicate brightness that enhances rather than changes this hair colour. Easy to maintain this colour suits naturally fair hair.

People who like the look of contrasting shades rather than subtlety can opt for dark chocolate roots blended into very light ends for a striking and bold colour. This looks great on any length of hair. Ombre isn't just for long locks!

So how do you create lovely tousled shaken out waves?
Here's a couple of tips how to do it yourself!

Boho Waves
Waves like these are still hot on trend! Carefree, barely there waves are preferred over anything looking too set. To create this look there are a few ways to achieve it. 

1) Blowdry using large brushes or rollers to create body and movement. Shake hands through or add a bit of backcombing into the root to ruffle it out. Don't forget to use the appropriate styling products that will hold it in place!

2) Taking large sections, using either a wand or curling irons, create large barrel curls. Depending on the size and looseness of the curls take smaller or bigger sections. 
Using either your fingers or a soft bristled brush, dress out the waves to remove any lines and to prevent it looking too structured.
Brushable hairspray to finish. Try to refrain from using too strong of a hairdsray as this style needs to be able to move and stay soft and tousled.

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