Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Top tips for healthy hair this Summer!

Summer has arrived!!

So you have spent hours online shopping to make sure you look incredible on your girls holiday this year but have you thought about your hair?

Will the humidity give you an unruly mane?

Will the chlorine, salt water and sunshine dry out your ends?

Are your beautiful highlights going to lack shine?

1. Control that frizz!

Aveda have recently brought out 'Smooth Infusion Styling Cream'
This cream is NOT heat activated, which means you don't have to dry your hair for it to work.
It will tame the frizz in all kinds of humidity. A must have for summer this year!

2. Condition is everything!

To stop your hair from being dried out while your away, put conditioner on dry hair before getting in the pool. If you're not a fan of the slick, wet looking pony, use a leave in conditioner. Aveda's Damage Remedy, Daily hair repair is my fave!

3. Say No to dull highlights.

Before your holiday go and see your stylist for an intensive glossing and conditioning service. Here at Westwood Hairdressing we offer a semi permanent shine colour and a Botanical treatment to lock in the shine and strengthen those ends. Leaving you with the healthiest, most shiny hair on the beach!

Becky xo