Thursday, 9 July 2015

Colour Trends 2015 - Baby lights

Upgrade of ombre, new Baby Lights!

Babylights! - The popular new hair colour trend is becoming more au-natural. Babylights, or natural-looking highlights, that mimic the sun-kissed tones your hair took on as a child, have been gaining popularity among both beauty buffs and Hollywood celebs for their ability to enhance your own natural hue without veering too far off the spectrum or looking too "done."

Babylights are definitely a more requested look this summer. The majority of your colour should still be your natural colour, only adding delicate accents to create the look. In addition to the low-maintenance upkeep, it's great how a few of the well-placed babylights can make your existing style look healthier and more dynamic.

To create the look, there are three areas we focus on: Your hairline, natural parting, and the ends of the hair. The highlights should be baby-fine around the hairline and in the crown - this is where the sun would naturally lighten your hair if you were on holidays or out in the sun, then with a soft graduation of colour that is two or three shades lighter at the ends. Rather than ombre's two-toned contrast in colour, the overall appearance is more natural, as if you spent a little extra time in the sun. 

Professional hand-painted colour or "free hand", known as balayage, allows for more control over placement and helps unrealistic root-to-tip stripes of colour. This should be able to accentuate your cut, taking into account how you style it every day.

Just because they're an enhancement of your own tone, doesn't mean you can skip on the after-care, swap your current shampoo and conditioner for colour-safe versions such as our Aveda Colour Conserve shampoo and conditioner which will help it healthy and glowing!

Gemma :)

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