Thursday, 29 September 2016

The next big thing in hair colour.

This Autumn I am really excited about the transition of Balayage Hair Colour.
You may remember way back when Ombre was the in thing, then we gradually brought the highlights higher and melted the colours together for a softer look, creating a Balayage. Well now the whole look is even softer and even more beautiful..

Introducing 'The Shadow Root'

What is Shadow Root?
Simular to the Balayage technique, the root of the hair stays slightly darker than the rest.
This gives the hair a real natural, soft look, especially as it grows out.

Top Tip: Keep some lighter sections around your face for a sun kissed glow.

Shadow root does not mean you have to go from dark to light blonde. If you're a little funky, here are some of my faves for the braver clients. Remember your hair is a reflection of you..

For inspiration on what to wear this Autumn, check out one of my favourite fashion bloggers. Elyse is an assistant buyer for Miss Selfridge and an old friend of mine - between us both you'll be ahead of the game for Autumn 2016.

Becky xo

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Festival hair

Festival hair styles this year have never been more fun and exciting. From 90's Spice Girl buns, jewels, gems to GLITTER!!

Below you will find the perfect style for you. Are you are a Hippie Chick, Glamorous girly girl or a modern day rock star..?

The Classic 

Tough Girl Braids

Zig-Zag Partings

Jewels & Gems

Spice Girl Buns & Glitter

My Fave- 
Pastel colour, zig-zag parting, glitter AND spice girl buns!!

Becky xo

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Top tips for healthy hair this Summer!

Summer has arrived!!

So you have spent hours online shopping to make sure you look incredible on your girls holiday this year but have you thought about your hair?

Will the humidity give you an unruly mane?

Will the chlorine, salt water and sunshine dry out your ends?

Are your beautiful highlights going to lack shine?

1. Control that frizz!

Aveda have recently brought out 'Smooth Infusion Styling Cream'
This cream is NOT heat activated, which means you don't have to dry your hair for it to work.
It will tame the frizz in all kinds of humidity. A must have for summer this year!

2. Condition is everything!

To stop your hair from being dried out while your away, put conditioner on dry hair before getting in the pool. If you're not a fan of the slick, wet looking pony, use a leave in conditioner. Aveda's Damage Remedy, Daily hair repair is my fave!

3. Say No to dull highlights.

Before your holiday go and see your stylist for an intensive glossing and conditioning service. Here at Westwood Hairdressing we offer a semi permanent shine colour and a Botanical treatment to lock in the shine and strengthen those ends. Leaving you with the healthiest, most shiny hair on the beach!

Becky xo

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Master Class at Aveda

So I have been lucky enough to spend the last two days learning from two of the most talented ladies in the Hairdressing world.

This is what I had created by the end of the two days!

Jo Mckay is Aveda's Technical hair specialist for Europe and Bea Watson is Aveda's Global styling technician. Together they are one of the greatest editorial teams there are!

Together they inspired us 'everyday hairdressers' to become artists. So here are a few pictures of what we created.

Here I used a crazy style to compliment the colours underneath.

Bea working her magic!

Bea & Jo know exactly how to compliment each others work!

For more inspiration, you can find them both on Instagram!

Becky xo

Friday, 22 April 2016

Prom Queen

It's that time of year again where every 16 year old girl is desperately hunting down the perfect Prom dress. There is so much to think about for this special event, what colour dress, shoes, accessories??

What about your hair? Relax, here is your guide to having the perfect Prom hair.

Pre-Prom Prep

1. Choose your dress first! You want your hair to compliment your dress, not argue with it.
2. Once you have chosen your dress, book a consultation with your hairdresser, this will give you the chance to show her your dress and come come up with ideas for your hair.
3. Have a trial, your stylist will book out about an hour for you, more than enough time to play around with the ideas you have both come up with.
4. Book an appointment, as close to the time of your prom as possible. You will more than likely need to wash your hair the day before your appointment- check with your stylist.

So here are a few of my fave prom styles.. There is something for all hair types and styles. 

If you go for a simple style dress, adding accessories like flowers and gems can really compliment your look.

A Faux Bob is perfect if you have mid length hair but want to show off a detailed neck line of a dress.  Pretending to have had your locks chopped will 100% mean you'll be the centre of attention.

Big tip: Wear a top that zips up when you have your hair done- nothing that has to go over your head!

Becky xo

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Quick and easy hair hacks.

Your morning routine probably consists of a quick shower, a strong coffee, a bit of mascara and a pony tail because who has the time or the skill to create a fancy up do every morning? 
Well with these super quick and easy hair hacks, fabulous hair is yours!

The Knot.
Split your hair into two sections, vertically (like your going to do pigtails).
Tie the two sections into a knot. 
Use kirby grips to pin the ends into the knot.
There you have it, a low messy bun. Fabulous.

  The extra long pony.

Leave out a triangle section from the nape of your neck. (Under where your hair band goes).
Tie the rest of your hair into a normal point tail.
Use a wand or curling iron to make your hair wavy.
Pinch the triangle section at the root and pin together.
Now you have a super long, glamorous pony tail.

Soft Chignon
This one is almost exactly the same as The Knot. 
Except with 4 sections.
Split your hair from the top of your head down to the tips of your ears.
Create The Knot with the hair at the back of our head.
Curl or wand the front sections and pin into the back.
This way the hair around your face sits much softer.
If you are really good, you could add a braid in one of the front sections!

Backcombing- The right way.
Take a horse shoe section around the top of your head, using the arch in your eyebrows as a starting guide.
Start at your crown, hold up a section of hair about an inch wide and comb from mid length to root. 
Work your way around your horse shoe shape.
You want less backcombing the closer to your face you get.
Don't backcomb the entire top of your head!
Use the hair on the top to hide it, nobody should be able to see the knots you've created!
For extra lift and hold, spray hairspray at the root of each section. 

Becky xo

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

5 reasons you need mid length hair.

So at the moment in the salon I am doing so many restyles! Every one is asking for a mid length style. Getting inspiration from the likes of Keira Knightley, Rose Byrne, Alexa Chung and Emily Blunt to name a few!

5 reasons you need mid length hair.

1. A blunt edge will make fine hair look thicker
2. If your hair is too thick, a shorter style with longer layers means you have less hair to deal with
3. Looks amazing straight, curly or wavy
4. Fringe or no fringe, you'll still be on trend
5. Easy to grow out when you fancy a change

How to create the soft waves.

Blow dry your hair with a volumising product- don't try too hard. 
Your tool of choice can be the straighteners or a wand, leave out a couple of inches from the root, take big sections and bend your hair around your straightener or wand as if you are going to curl your hair but run over the ends quicker than the mid lengths. This way your hair will not 'ringlet'
Shake your hair out and spray with a light hairspray. It's as easy as that! 

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Becky xo

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Hair Trends

All the go-to fashion gurus from Alexander Wang to Givenchy are showcasing straight hair for SS16.

"So sleek they were almost glass-like." -Glamourmagazine

Zang Toi went for super straight, "hanging" hair. While the models for Mary Katrantzou rocked almost wet looking straight hair. Givenchy paired straight hair with straight partings.

"It's about being an individual but also being part of a tribe." - Alexander Wang.


Becky xo

Monday, 22 February 2016

Damage free hair extensions.

Our Creative Stylist Nikki, let me capture some key moments in the process of putting in Hair extensions so that I could share them with you..

These extensions are sewn into the hair onto a small scalp braid. The braid is done in a way so that the tension is even across the head. This means the extensions won't pull on small sections of real hair and not cause the hair to break. 

Here's a short video on how she does it..

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bad Hair Day

On the 12th of February salons across the UK are having a Bad Hair Day, to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital!
Great Ormond Street Hospital in London is the biggest paediatric hospital in the world!
So join us, let your hair be wild and donate either at your salon or at
Look out for my next blog for photos of our crazy hair!
BIG TIP: Back comb your roots and spray with a firm hold hairspray for maximum, long lasting volume!

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Becky xo

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Deep and Dark.

Do you have naturally dark hair and find it difficult to achieve a nice lighter shade without it becoming brassy and over bleached?

Well, with Aveda's DEEP colour range we can lift your natural hair up to 5 shades without bleach!!

Sun kissed high lights like Kim K are perfect for spring time, and without using bleach, your highlights will last longer!

Or if you are a little braver.. Deep is amazing for intense, tonal colours. 

BIG TIP: Deep is also the best for grey coverage!
Becky xo

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

National Television Awards 2016

NTA's 2016

I love that the celebs didn't all go for the same style this year. There was a great mixture of high fashion high pony tails, low romantic chignons, delicate waves left loose and 1950's inspired curls.

Jorgie Porter sported a funky jewel with her super sleek high pony. 
You have to be brave to pull off this look, strong make up always helps!

Shona Mcgarty, better known as Whitney Dean from Eastenders  went for a gorgeous soft chignon. This low up-do is so flattering for her square face shape. Paired with some blingy earings and dark eye makeup- she nailed it. 

I love this look on Tess Daily, simply beautiful. This colour is perfect for her skin tone and soft waves are so on trend at the moment. 

Queen of the jungle Vicky Patterson and Corrie star Nikki Sanderson rocked up with 1950's inspired do's. This is my fav! I love the how glossy the girls hair look.

BIG TIP: Use a shine spray on your up do's for a healthier glow and all over shimmer!

Becky xo