Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Time for Prom continued..

Here are a few examples of on trend Prom hair to give you some ideas! What will you choose?

This is a nice example of large curls loosely pinned up into a tousled upstyle. Letting a few strands fall down round the face softens the look and keeps it from looking too structured. It's all about the dishevelled look this year! Adding a pretty clip or piece adds a little bit extra to dress it up.

Plaits are still in! As there are so many different kinds of plaits and ways to incorporate them into a hairstyle they will always be timeless. In this hairstyle on the smaller side of the parting the hair has been brought into an inside out plait. By creating the plait inside out it prevents the plait looking too small or too flat to the scalp. This can then be pinned under loose flowing curls brought round to the side.

This is a lovely example of a soft, sweeping a loose updo. Messy and playful yet pretty this will flatter any style. A deep parting gives it elegance.  

If you want something a little neater then this twisted up do is perfect. By creating volume at the front and crown lifts your face. You can achieve the back by either french plaiting the hair and twisting it around itself to pin it in, or after curling the ends placing each section twisting around the other sections into a chignon or knot. 

Ponytails are very in fashion at the moment for this season, as they were last year. A deep sweeping side fringe creates a statement at the front. Backcombing the crown to create a lot of height on top creates glamour without being overstated. Finally sweep the rest of the hair into a loose back or side pony. Simple yet effective!

Taylor Swift always has the perfect tumbling curls. Leaving the front bits down and curly makes it soft and pretty, great for anyone who normally doesn't wear their hair up and may feel a bit severe with it all back. Softly placed i the back, never having anything too structured is definitely a must.

Again similar, Jessica Alba has a similar soft look going on. This time brought into a messy bun. If you are deciding on a messy bun you can place them either at the back, side or even on top of your head. Keeping it balanced but undone is a flattering look with any dress.

If you wish to wear your hair down for your prom think, big bouncy and flicky. Loads of movement and body! You can achieve this style a few ways; either a pinned blow-dry in which each section is pinned into a barrel curl as it is blow dried. When left to set for a few minutes and taken out this is the result! If you find your hair very straight naturally finishing the ends with a curling tong or Ghds will hold it in place! 

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