Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Perfect Ponytail!

Ponytails are supposed to be one of the easiest hairstyles imaginable, but getting them right is just not as straightforward as it sounds. too much texture and it looks messy, too little and it can look limp and flat.

The desirable ponytail has texture, style and a sense of "chic" without looking too done. 

So how do you get the Perfect Ponytail?

Firstly I'd say a ponytail is better on dirty hair - or if you don't like leaving your hair unwashed then you could use some dry shampoo to add texture. You could also use a product to give your hair "guts" if you like. For example our Aveda salt spray texturiser would be perfect. 

Just tip your head upside down and spray through the whole thing. when you lift your head back up you'll look like a mad woman but that's fine!

Don't use a brush, use your fingers to pull the hair back tightly at the sides, it lifts your eyes and is basically an instant facelift if you go for this pony! 

Keep it a bit looser on top, it's more casual and stops you from looking flat headed or like you have too much forehead. 

To fasten the ponytail you could use stretchy ribbons or old cotton hairbands which won't split the hair as much as traditional hair elastics. 

Tie it in place then pull and twist bits of the hair with your fingers using a light hold hairspray. If you need to cover an unattractive hairband you can take strands of hair and wrap them around your ponytail and pin in place.

Avoid scrunchies at all cost though! You want to keep your style looking modern and chic but simple.

Create the ponytail that best suits you! 

You can pull out extra strands of hair around your face to soften the look even more, or to make it look more messy or young. This style is great for the day time or great for a night out as it looks glamourous but casual depending how you wear it.

If you are middle-aged or older then a sleeker ponytail will look great. It looks elegant and simple and is an easy maintenance hairstyle for a night out!

Sometimes your hair can be just to fine and look unsubstantial, or if you're just not a ponytail person then you can just wrap it around and turn it into a topknot!

Let me know how you get on!

See you soon, Gemma.