Friday, 25 October 2013

Trending colours for Winter 2013!

Trending colours this   Winter

People often ask what kind of colours to go for as the season changes to winter. 
Although there are fashion trends It all depends on what your natural hair colour is, what colours suit you best and most importantly what you like.

It's time to say goodbye to the warm weather inspired hair trends and embrace what autumn has to offer.

So what choices do we have this season??

For women with very dark or black hair, unless you go for something quite striking – such as the addition of a vibrant purple for example, you shouldn't veer too far off your natural depth. That pallet should never be 4 or 5 shades lighter than your natural colour, otherwise you are likely to have a colour which does not compliment your natural skin tone. You also risk damaging and drying your hair out. So compliment your natural colour rather than working against it!

I love this mahogany plum colour for naturally dark haired girls! It enhances rather than dramatically changes your hair and shimmers with vibrance!

There are many interesting shades to choose from which work really well at this time of the year. Hair needs toning down from the summer months so auburn and chestnut instead of black and dark golden blonde instead oflight brown will help to revitalise your look.

Auburns, browns and chestnuts can offer both subtle and quite noticeable changes. The key to getting it right is in the application. Fine veils of colour will allow you to create good texture. At this level, you can take larger sections and layer on, this enables light to reflect, giving your hair a natural healthy shine showing off the very best of your new hair colour.

Another simple yet effective technique is to place a few simple lighter strands at the front. This will help to blend in with the lighter ends that many woman will have left over from the summer months. Remember less is more, look at Mila Kunis for inspiration here.

This style is subtle yet flattering with a glow of colour coming through the front to give it depth and prevent a dark colour looking too solid.

Ombre rather than dip-dying, like we have seen on Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth, is a really popular technique at the moment but again this has to be done correctly. 

Rather than bright or heavily contrasting colours, applying chestnut, caramel and honey shades of blondes or auburns will warm it up and give the ends of your hair a soft feathery feel, making your hair look full of life and tone.

If you have natural hues of auburn or strawberry blondes, its a great idea to compliment your own natural colour by using something that's going to accentuate these tones. Strong coppers, vibrant auburns and deep fiery tones are great with fairer skin and look wicked this Autumn-winter.

Are you brave enough to try out this vibrant Rhianna red? Striking, shiny and full of colour this colour is great for dark or light haired ladies! Although using the correct products, shampoo's etc is important in keeping it looking healthy and rich, if you can pull off this look it is definitely worth that little bit more maintenance! Worn with a full fringe gives a striking dramatic look.

What colours will you opt for this season?
Gemma. :)

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn - Winter Trends 2013-2014

Summer is disappearing and Autumn is here! So what way will you be wearing you hair as the leaves on the trees turn golden again? Here are some the the trends that we will be seeing these next few months as the weather gets cooler!


Full sixties fringes were on show on the catwalk for this upcoming season. Bold, choppy and sweeping for a statement look. The good news is almost all of them were fake so if you want to try out a new fringe you don't necessarily need to get the scissors out! You can now buy clip in fringes if you are a bit wary of changing your hair in this way, or you fancy a bit of a change from day to day.

Having a bold sweeping side fringe for that softer look can also be done "faux!" Why not start a collection of different fringes, that way you can play around with them with different up do's and down do's, classy or casual. 

Va Va Volume!

At the catwalks by Marc Jacobs, big volumised looks were created through setting of pin curls, left to cool then brushed out and backcombed with plenty of spray!

The top part was left out of the pin curls, to give it a 40's feel. I love this look because its big, it's bouncy and tousled without looking too set. Great for day or evening!

Ombre is here to stay!

If you think Ombre is fading away think again, on the catwalk we have seen loads of strong ombre effects in a palette of different colours. Rather than the "dip-dye" look we saw last year, ombre is all about soft, weaved colours, multi-tones that looks less severe or "solid" like the original dip dye result.

Soft caramels, honey blondes and beige browns are used in this ombre effect. It looks sunkissed but with depth and is great because it's low maintenance. 

This ombre style is also great for Autumn as you can play around with different tones to create a colour that suits you. Red's and coppers are great to experiment with for this season. Soft but striking!

Blunt cuts

Whether you are wearing you hair straight and long or shorter and choppy, blunt cuts have been taking off for this upcoming season.
Rather than feathery, wispy ends, cutting your locks more blunt, creates a sharper edgy look that is thick and full of life. For shorter hair a choppy blunt bob will definitely take over the "pobs" that have been around for a long time sporting feathery or more wispy ends.

For this month and next month only check out my special offer for Autumn and come in and treat yourself to beautiful colours! 

See you soon! Gemma :)

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