Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Lazy Girls Curls!

Last year New York Fashion Week called it "Meh hair".. For girls that just 'can't even' when it comes to hair styling. 

This year it's more about the curls, we're calling it "Lazy Girls Curls." 

If you are like me and love your hair to look fab with minimum effort, here are a few ways you can create easy to do waves and curls.

1.Braid your hair when it is damp like Madonna, 
the more braids you do, the more waves you will get.
waves curls long curly hair easy hack

2. Wand your hair in big sections, leave half an inch from the root and the ends out, so you don't get a real curl. 
brunette waves curls easy hack how to blog

3. Perm it! A perm is the easiest thing to style in the mornings, I love mine. Although a perm is not suitable for everyone so see your stylist for advice. 

perm curly wavy hair long colour hairdressing

BIG TIP: Smooth over these styles with a shine serum. I like Avedas' Light Elements Smoothing Fluid.

Becky xo


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