Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Summer 2015 Brides!

After looking at the recent hair catwalks, summer 2015 will see a return of soft bohemian braids as seen at Oscar de la Renta runway. 
A classic twist on the fishtail or French plait as seen at Michael Kors is also set to be popular this season, taking braids loosely down the back of the hair for a relaxed look.

Similar to last season is a softer take on the tightly pinned up do, with hair left looser and more texturised, while the girls that walked at Galia Lahav this season wore their hair in Hollywood waves with a low centre parting, for a glamorous vintage style. This voluminous look gives the appearance of thick hair and is a neat style that lasts all day!

What is predicted?

Fishtail Brides!

As much as plaits have been popular the last few seasons, they are still in high demand as there are so many variations. As alot of brides are looking for loose and natural, the fishtail plait is perfect for this as you can have it as loose as you wish by gently pulling it apart, making it bigger and looser. The undone look of the fishtail style is simple yet effective.

Looser French Roll

The French Roll is a classic style that most people consider as being quite structured and set. This is a twist on the timeless style, making it less structured and more tousled allowing strands of hair to come undone. Creating natural volume at the crown prevents it looking to flat.

Looser Vintage Waves

Keeping with the looser versions of styles we have seen in the past, vintage waves often appear to be quite sleek and untouched looking but again this is a softer take on this style. A low parting softly swept back keeps it elegant while the undone and disheveled look gives it a much softer vintage feel.

Loose wavy upstyle

As opposed to the traditional tightly pinned back upstyle this allows more hair to hang free and actually flatters the face more, than being too pulled back or structured which can sometimes look too harsh or severe. Adding a hair piece to complement the hair style creates the finishing touch.

The down do

This is another timeless look for those who are wanting to keep their hair down on their wedding day. In previous times, people felt the need to have to have their hair up for their wedding day as opposed to actually having their hair in a style they feel comfortable and confident in. Now a days you can have your hair whichever way you wish, so if you're more of a down haired girl then a style like this would be perfect! Loose waves and a side parting with a little bit behind the ear makes it look pretty and flowing.

What do you think of these looser styles compared to the structured styles?
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Gemma :)