Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Autumn Trends for your hair!

Autumn is just around the corner! So what way will you be wearing you hair as the season changes? Here are some the the trends that we will be seeing as the weather gets cooler!


Full sixties fringes were on show on the catwalk for this upcoming season. Bold, choppy and sweeping for a statement look. The good news is almost all of them were fake so if you want to try out a new fringe you don't necessarily need to get the scissors out! You can buy clip in fringes if you are a bit wary of changing your hair in this way, or you fancy a bit of a change from day to day. 

Cutting in a peek-a-boo fringe, which tends to be quite long is a good idea if you don't want to go too short as you can wear it full, sweeping or parted in the middle for a softer look than a full blunt fringe.

Having a bold sweeping side fringe for that softer look can also be done "faux!" Why not start a collection of different fringes, that way you can play around with them with different up do's and down do's, classy or casual. 

If you think Ombre may fade away think again, on the catwalk we have seen loads of strong ombre effects in a palette of different colours. Rather than the "dip-dye" look we saw previously, ombre is all about soft, weaved colours, multi-tones that look blended rather than "solid." It's all about the melted effect here!

Soft caramels, honey blondes and beige browns are used in this ombre effect. It looks sunkissed but with depth and is great because it's low maintenance. 

This ombre style is also great for Autumn as you can play around with different tones to create a colour that suits you. Red's and coppers are great to experiment with for this season. Soft and striking!

Blunt cuts

Whether you are wearing you hair straight and long or shorter and choppy, blunt cuts have been taking off for this upcoming season.

Cutting your locks more blunt rather than defined and graduated at the back, creates a sharper edgy look that is thick and full of life. For shorter hair a choppy blunt bob will definitely take over the "pobs" that have been around for a long time. Tousled and roughed up looks great this year!

For those of you who like your hair a bit more sleek and glam then this cut will work well too! 


At the catwalks by Marc Jacobs, big volumised looks were created through setting of pin curls, left to cool then brushed out and backcombed with plenty of spray!

The top part was left out of the pin curls, to give it a 40's feel. I love this look because its big, it's bouncy and tousled without looking too set. Great for day or evening!

For more of a day time look, ripple waves look so good! You can achieve this by using a wand on large sections of hair or using a curling tong. Shaking it out using your fingers gives a really natural tousled look that will last.

See you soon! Gemma :)

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