Friday, 22 April 2016

Prom Queen

It's that time of year again where every 16 year old girl is desperately hunting down the perfect Prom dress. There is so much to think about for this special event, what colour dress, shoes, accessories??

What about your hair? Relax, here is your guide to having the perfect Prom hair.

Pre-Prom Prep

1. Choose your dress first! You want your hair to compliment your dress, not argue with it.
2. Once you have chosen your dress, book a consultation with your hairdresser, this will give you the chance to show her your dress and come come up with ideas for your hair.
3. Have a trial, your stylist will book out about an hour for you, more than enough time to play around with the ideas you have both come up with.
4. Book an appointment, as close to the time of your prom as possible. You will more than likely need to wash your hair the day before your appointment- check with your stylist.

So here are a few of my fave prom styles.. There is something for all hair types and styles. 

If you go for a simple style dress, adding accessories like flowers and gems can really compliment your look.

A Faux Bob is perfect if you have mid length hair but want to show off a detailed neck line of a dress.  Pretending to have had your locks chopped will 100% mean you'll be the centre of attention.

Big tip: Wear a top that zips up when you have your hair done- nothing that has to go over your head!

Becky xo

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