Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Quick and easy hair hacks.

Your morning routine probably consists of a quick shower, a strong coffee, a bit of mascara and a pony tail because who has the time or the skill to create a fancy up do every morning? 
Well with these super quick and easy hair hacks, fabulous hair is yours!

The Knot.
Split your hair into two sections, vertically (like your going to do pigtails).
Tie the two sections into a knot. 
Use kirby grips to pin the ends into the knot.
There you have it, a low messy bun. Fabulous.

  The extra long pony.

Leave out a triangle section from the nape of your neck. (Under where your hair band goes).
Tie the rest of your hair into a normal point tail.
Use a wand or curling iron to make your hair wavy.
Pinch the triangle section at the root and pin together.
Now you have a super long, glamorous pony tail.

Soft Chignon
This one is almost exactly the same as The Knot. 
Except with 4 sections.
Split your hair from the top of your head down to the tips of your ears.
Create The Knot with the hair at the back of our head.
Curl or wand the front sections and pin into the back.
This way the hair around your face sits much softer.
If you are really good, you could add a braid in one of the front sections!

Backcombing- The right way.
Take a horse shoe section around the top of your head, using the arch in your eyebrows as a starting guide.
Start at your crown, hold up a section of hair about an inch wide and comb from mid length to root. 
Work your way around your horse shoe shape.
You want less backcombing the closer to your face you get.
Don't backcomb the entire top of your head!
Use the hair on the top to hide it, nobody should be able to see the knots you've created!
For extra lift and hold, spray hairspray at the root of each section. 

Becky xo

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